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Falling To Twenty Below Waterfowl DVD
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People ask us why we wake up at 3am to chase a goose....It's simple, WE LIVE FOR IT! We want to welcome you to Locked Up. Here you will find all things waterfowl, from booking a hunt with the pros, to our annual DVD, and where people have come together to share a passion. The homework is done and the team will put you where the birds want to be. If you're as serious as we are, then you will agree with our motto, Finishing birds...is everything! Waterfowl hunting is more than bagging a limit of honkers or greenheads, it's about the battle with mother nature, perseverance, ethics and the feeling of great achievement. There are very few things as rewarding as persuading a flock of fifty greenheads to land on top of you. This and sharing the field with friends, new or old, is what the sport is about. Thank you for stopping by and remember, take a kid with you next time you go afield, you just might change someone's life! We will see you soon!